Privacy Information

General Information

The statements made on this page are not legally binding, as ImageDrop collects no personal data about you.

ImageDrop does not guarantee any degree of security for your uploaded files. Even though your file has a random filename generated it is still possible to guess a URL. If anyone guesses the URL that is generated for your file, they have full access. does not have any SSL encryption either ('http://' instead of 'https://'), meaning that any transferred data between your IP and the web server can be theoretically intercepted and viewed unencrypted. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO UPLOAD FILES CONTAINING INFORMATION YOU CONSIDER TO BE SENSITIVE.

Database & Login Information

Both User Login's and Uploads associated with an account are stored in our SQL Database. Usernames are stored as plain text, and passwords are first hashed using the PHP "password_hash()" function, which itself uses the bcrypt hashing algorithm (bcrypt Wikipedia). Users and uploads are linked using the username field, listed in both tables for users and uploads.

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